Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hospital stay, day three

.Yesterday was as good as could be expected, Dougie cooperated and stayed put thank the Lord. I continued to get my hourly meds, of antibiotics to prevent infection, steroids to help speed up his lung development, and medication to slow down/stop my contractions. We had a NST (non stress test) done on the baby every 4 hours, where they basically monitor the baby’s heart rate and the nurse said he is sounding like a rock star! We are very proud of our little man!
A little hiccup in my otherwise happy day, Sydney came to visit me but wasn’t allowed to my room (even though all the signs on this floor and the elevator say children 2 and above are allowed). I was completely crushed, as was she. We tried explaining to them that she was my daughter… step daughter… or my speech therapist… and that I just forgot to put that information down when we were being admitted, but they knew better. I couldn’t imagine being locked up in here for who knows how long and not able to see my Tristen, Lennox, Sydney or Phoenix!
So once the doctor came to visit me, I put on my best pouty face and he said as long as Douglas is doing well, and not planning an escape we will hope to keep me here for 3 more weeks If that is the case he will arrange it so I can get wheeled outside to the courtyard every 7 days or so for a visit and some fresh air!!! YAY! Auntie Bear needs to see her little cubs! So just a few more days kids and we can visit!
Anyway, back to the doctor visit. Dr. Anzaldo said we should get our minds set for 3 weeks from now, Douglas might have some ideas of his own on this matter, but we need to do everything in our power to keep him in as long as possible. So looks like Christmas, Daddy’s birthday and New Years will be here! Although it is still somewhat of a day to day battle, Dougie can change is mind at any moment, but we’re in this for the long haul and were not letting up without a fight!
Our Thank Yous: Brad and I had the most wonderful nurse yesterday! Her name is Lori and she really made our day, she was so attentive and thoughtful it was incredible. Unfortunately we won’t have her every day, so we gave her a thank you card for all of her hard work and are crossing our fingers we get to have her again. I am keeping track of all of our nurses and wonderful staff here at St. Josephs, and hope to be able to get them a little something when this journey is over. You have no idea what a difference it makes when you have someone who truly cares about you and the well-being of your baby.
Thank you to all of our thoughtful visitors yesterday! Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to come see us and bring goodies, it really means a lot! Our room is looking more and more homey and festive with the artwork the kids have done, the flowers we’ve been given and the Christmas d├ęcor being put up!
Also, we cannot thank you enough for the ongoing prayers and support! The Lord is hearing them and watching over, protecting our little man! Thank you so very much!

We Love You All, God Bless Our Little Man,

Brad and Mere Collins


  1. We love you baby dougie! And you both as well. We pray every day for you. You are amazing mama and your little man is going to have the bestest mom ever!

  2. Dear Dougie,
    Your mama and daddy are the BEST! They love you and so do I. I can't wait to meet you! Now you just stay put until it is safe for you to make your grand entrance!

    Auntie Terry xoxo