Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 1 Week Birthday My Sunshine

Can you believe it, it's been 1 week since my little man made his debut! We're so proud of him, and we let him know just about every second were at his bedside. I've replayed the last week in my head, for the most part and am so unbelievably thankful we were chosen to be Dougie's parents. He has brought Brad and I so much closer, and he has brought so much to so many others lives as well. That is one amazingly talented boy and he is only 7 days old! I can't wait to see what the future brings for our new family. We love you baby boy more than can ever be expressed in words.
So, tomorrow is the big day; the day our little man will have his hernia repair surgery. I thank God we were given the chance to prepare ourselves for this day by finding out about Dougie's CDH ahead of time. We've been able to read about the condition, the surgery, meet our surgeon and get to know him a little bit better. I'm grateful we were not bombarded with this situation with out a clue as to how to deal with it. It's been a long time coming, and the day is finally here. I am at the same time sighing of relief, and holding my breathe out of anticipation. I've wanted to get this day over with since the moment we found out Dougie would need surgery, but now that that day is here I am scared out of my mind. All I can think is, my little Innocent baby boy is going to have the most critically important day of his life tomorrow and he is only 7 days old. I wish so badly I could take his place. But, he is in the hands of some of the most talented Doctors, surgeons, and nurses and of course I know without a doubt God is right there with him and will be holding his hand through surgery and recovery.
I pray God gives him the strength to undergo surgery without any problems. I pray God gives the surgeons, doctors, and nurses that will be there tomorrow steady hands and clear minds so that they may do an incredible job tomorrow. I pray that after surgery Dougie will have no other complications and will be stable enough to be taken off ECMO in a few days.
Dougie has soo many fans it's really incredible, he has people praying for him all over the country and the world. I can not thank you enough for supporting our little man and the continuous prayers. I know tonight and tomorrow the big man upstairs will be receiving an abundance of Prayers/fan mail for Dougie and I am soo very grateful. You know that song, "he's got the whole world in his hands"? It's really true, he's got MY WHOLE WORLD in his hands.
God Bless Douglas Brookins Collins,
Mere and Brad

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  1. So glad Dougie is having his surgery today. There will be more prayers than you can possibly imagine. Hang in there and remember how many people love all three of you. Hugs.