Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 6 Weeks Baby

We started our morning off by getting a call from Nurse Mandy. Doug had an xray done and it showed there was an air build up in his chest, so they'd have to go in and put another chest tube to drain it out. Brad and I got over here just as they were finishing up with Dougies 7th surgery. The doctors don't seem to be too concerned about it since xrays showed it just just due do positioning. Other than that no major changes... we are excited to start Dougies feeds again tomorrow, he's been off for a couple of weeks due to a new med they tried to help with his access fluid, but they want to start his feeds again because nutritionally he is getting the bare minimum. I pray he takes to it well, and it helps move things in the right direction. That's all I have for now, just a little update and a big happy 6 week Birthday to the Dougster. Thank you all for spreading the word, love and prayers for Douglas.

God Bless Our Little Man,

Brad and Mere

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