Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Weekend; Super Pooper, Super Bowl, Super Baby

Great Weekend! 

Soo much has happened over the weekend, I don't know what to tell you first!  I'll just start from the beginning:

Thursday, February 3rd: Nurse Kristen called to let us know they were moving Dougie to another room.  A baby was being flown in who needed a room to himself that was big enough for his dialysis machine. So they moved Dougie to the big room with 6 other babies... Brad and I weren't exactly thrilled with this turn of events. Knowing Doug doesn't do well with a lot of noise, in addition to him being weaned off of his pain meds, any stimulation (ie: light, noise, touch) can upset him, which in turn effects his numbers  This may necessitate increasing his high frequency ventilator that we are also trying to wean him off of. But Kristen assured us that as soon as a private room was open, Dougie would get it.

Friday, February 4th:  When Brad & I arrived on Friday morning things were looking ok, but as the day progressed Dougie regressed. The crying babies, bright lights, beeping machines and not-so-quiet nurses really bothered little man and he let them know. They ended up having to bring up his vent higher than what it was the day before...

But, - on the brighter side of the day -  guess who got his first feeding?????  That's right - our little man started getting his mommy's milk, and boy, does he love it!  Even though it is from a feeding tube that is in his nose, you can completely see the satisfaction in his face when he has a full belly.

Saturday, February 5th:  Brad & I arrived at the NICU around 9:00 AM, and weren't surprised to see his vent was higher again, so Brad let the doctors know Dougie needed to be moved to a quieter room ASAP - and move him they did!  Boy, did that do the trick:  all his numbers improved, and they were able to turn down the vent right away!  Nurse Jen introduced our boy to the pacifier, she wasn't sure how he would like it since he still has the tubes in his mouth; but he loved it.  It was so incredible to see him sucking on his paci while he stared up at me. In that moment the entire world stood still -and he and I were the only two people in it. I thank God for having that moment with my little boy. Later that day it got even better; I was able to change his diaper, poop and all!  I've never been soo excited for poopies and pee! 

Sunday February 6th: What a day for our little man! He is now going full-blown potty in his diaper, they've taken out his catheter and increased his feeds from 3 CC's every 3 hours to 5!  As soon as we came in Sunday morning, Nurse Jen told us they would do a trial run, and take Dougie off the high frequency ventilator. If he did well they would put him on the conventional ventilator! She also said she would be clamping his chest tube closed today (his chest tube is inserted into his belly where his incision is draining out any excess fluid), and keep it clamped for 24 hours. If he did well with that they would be removing it tomorrow!  Right at kick off of the Super Bowl Dougie was taken off the high frequency vent and put on the conventional vent!  This is such a big step for him; it means he and his lungs are strong enough to pump themselves. The doctors let us know sometimes babies have to go back on the high frequency vent becuase they just get too tired, but to keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't have to!

I am bursting with pride right now. This weekend has been so incredible, soo many feats for our litte Dougie at only a mere 21 days old

Monday, February 7th:  Happy 3-Week Birthday Little Man!  We are so thrilled with all the progress you've made, the challanges you've overcome, and the strength you've shown. You still have quite a few more obstacles ahead of you, but as long as you keep up the hard work we'll have you home before you know it.

Thank you seems like such a small phrase for the gratitude I want to show everyone that has kept the faith and prayed for our boy. It is unbelievable the outreach and support we've recieved from so many people all over the country. God works miracles and He is working His on our little man at this very moment.

God Bless Our Little Man,

The Collins Family

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  1. oh my gosh - he just keeps making huge strides!! I can hear the pride in your voice. I'm so happy for him!! And you guys - what a blessing. can't wait for the day I read that he is going home...