Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Steps Forward One Step Back...

In true Dougie fashion he insists on keeping us on our toes. Just when we think we are out of the wood works he pulls us back in. Dougie lasted a good 21 hours on the conventional vent, but around noon on Monday had to go back to the high frequency vent due to his numbers regressing, which I think, was his way of telling us he is still a very sick boy and too tired for all that change in such a short period of time. 
The passed two day's we've noticed Dougie's head and chest have gotten very swollen, this can be caused by numerous things the doctors told us. The first thought is blood clotting which is common with ECMO babies. So Dougie had many test done; an echo, a few X-rays, and a cat-scan to see if clotting is or isn't the reason Doug is swelling. All results came back showing no clots, which is, on one hand a good thing, because clotting can be very serious and may lead to bigger and more serious issues. But on the other hand; and this is where it gets the most frustrating, we don't know what is causing the swelling. Brad and I will be meeting with the head neonatologists and specialists that will need to be involved, we will then discuss what else can be causing our poor boy to swell up like this and what next steps will be taken.
Today has been one of the most frustrating days we've ever experienced. From Dougie's diagnosis of CDH at my 20 week ultrasound up until now, we have known all the issues at hand, what to expect, how to fix it, and what happens next. Right now, everything is a big fat question mark. We don't know what is causing the swelling, or how to fix it; all we know is the passed 3 days it has gotten worse, it's not due to clots, and every minute that passes is another minute our poor sick boy is not getting better. Dougs strength amazes me everyday, 3 weeks, 4 surgeries, and numerous obsticals later and he is still holding on strong. Seeing him gives me the strength I need to get through everyday. I love him more then I ever thought possible, and all the difficult times will make the day he comes home that much more magical. I pray tomorrow is a better day, and we find the cause and solution to his swelling as soon as possible.
Please keep Dougie in your thoughts and prayers.
In a perfect world,
everything would go right.
There would be no disappointments or trials,
and life would be filled with only
sweet, warm, and fuzzy feelings.
But how would we know
when things were good if we had no comparison?
Would we recoginze the blessings in our lives
without having their opposites to compare them to?
Without the darkness,
would we appreciate the light?
Seems to me if we have rainbows,
we gotta have rain.
The trick is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps
and go out and look for puddles to play in;
recognize the tempest for what it is
and train ourselves to look for the good
in every situation.
By overcoming our adveristy,
we find the joy in everything.
So go on, play in the rain!
- Suzy Toronto
God Bless Our Little Man,
Brad and Mere


  1. Hang in there and remember there are thousands of people praying for Dougie. Sending lots of hugs your way.

  2. I was in the NICU today...but it was close to change of shift and I didn't see you guys :(
    Continuing to pray for all of you - sent your blog address to Dr A too since he was asking about you.
    Keep hanging in there!

  3. Hi Mary, wow its been so long! And I've been following Jessi's FB posts & have been praying for your precious son! I must say you and your hubby are truely amazing people! As a Mother I commend you for being so strong! As I lay here in my bed with my son in the next room I never realized how much I take that simple joy for granted. I know that God will protect little Dougie & I will pray for the day to come that you can take him home & know he is laying in bed sound asleep dreaming big dreams just like his Mommy. Please lemme know if u need anything or even just 2 chat! <3 Jess Dirt

  4. Dougie It is a blessing to be able to help take care of you, I am praying for you everyday.
    Kisses & Hugs